What Are Schema Highlighters (Markup) in SEO and Their Main Types

Introduction to Schema Highlighters for SEO

Schema highlighters (or markup) help search engines better understand the content and data on your web pages through structured data. By clearly highlighting key information like products, events, organizations etc. with schema code, you can enhance how search engines display your pages in the search results. This in turn can improve click-through-rates. There are many types of schema highlighters that serve different purposes.

Types of Schema:

Organization Schema
Use organization schema to identify details about your business or website like name, address, contact info. This can generate a Knowledge Graph card in some searches. Key fields are @type: “Organization”, name, url, address, phone number.

Product Schema
Product schema provides info to search engines about products you sell like title, description, images, sku, price etc. With this, you can power product carousels in search. Key fields in product schema are @type: “Product”, name, description, image, sku, offers.

Service Schema
Use service schema to highlight services offered, relevant categories, service areas, providers etc. Key fields are @type: “Service”, name, description, area Served, provider.

Local Business Schema
For businesses with a physical location, local business schema identifies key fields like business name, address, opening hours. This powers local search displays. Key fields are @type: “LocalBusiness”, name, image, address, openingHours.

Hotel Schema
For hotels, specific hotel schema exists to highlight details like amenities, ratings, price range and more. Using hotel schema can enable rich hotel ad displays. Key fields include @type:“Hotel”, name, address, image, amenityFeature, starRating.

Implement Schema Highlighters for Better SEO
As you can see there are many flavors of schema to highlight different types of entities. Appropriate implementation of schema highlighters where relevant provides useful signals for search engines on your important pages and content types. This in turn can directly lead to better SEO through enhanced displays and clicks. Check if your website can benefit from using schema, identify relevant page types and start highlighting!